CV – English version

Hektor Trebiccki

Date of Birth: April 27th 1975
Place of Birth: Nowa Zwonyawa, Poland
Marital Status: Married


  • Graduate Hi-Tech Genola University, First Degree, Third Degree, Second Degree
  • Lengtington Law School extra MBA, Master of Science

Work Experience

  • Landacore Mobile technologies inc., as managing projector, 2 years
  • Switch off corporation, as senior supervisor manager, 5 years
  • Multitotal international transcommunication, as executive senior combus, 3 years

Currently working

  • Langtek Satelite Corporation, as Senior File-Attachment.
  • Participating in projects: Mirror Satellite and Satellite within Satellite
  • Chief on Crocodile Project

Seminars and other forums

  • Intel-Ferrari summit in Luang Dong, 2005
  • Conference of processing hydro technologies in Dublin 2006
  • Super Development weekend, Kuopio 2006
  • Transmission and transaction conference and discussion panel, Santa Monika 2007
  • Explicit impact of modern technologies on environment, conference in Acapulco 2008
  • Mobile or not conference in Belgrade 2009
  • International summit on potential risks in electricity, Vienna 2010

Additional skills

  • driving licence;
  • fluent English, fluent speak-talk-write French, Russian fluent moment, German speak-read;
  • PC skills – programming in Oracle, Base for Q, +++Musicl, developing tools Power Toy, designing enviroment latent, PANTRAX 6.13

Personality and interests

  • Highly responsible, easy communicate, solving problems, bring solutions.
  • Love animals (iako ih ponekad jede, ali nema veze – drugi kolju)
  • Enviroment protection – Member of World Water Forum, organization for preserving of drinking water on Earth (participate in Workshop How-to and How-not-to)
  • sports
(svaka sličnost sa stvarnim ljudima je slučajna)

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